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The Last of My Holiday Money Makers

Over the last couple of weeks, I have shared different ways that I earn money online. This last one is very simple. No need for you to do anything except sign up! Well, and then you have to shop! But lets face it, shopping online is becoming more and more common. I purchased nearly all my Christmas gifts online with my earnings and guess what?? The beauty part…..I’M GOING TO GET PAID FOR SHOPPING!! That’s right! I shopped through E Bates and I got to cash out today! I’m not a millionaire, but hey, it’s a check in the mail! It’s very simple. When you want to shop at ANY STORE…Wal Mart, Target, Sears, Walgreens there are thousands of stores! I earned cash back by shopping at! (That’s Major League!!) I bought some great shirts for my guys for very reasonable prices AND yes, I got cash back on top of it all!! It’s a great site and I hope you will join me! Just go here to sign up and start earning! You will only need to go to when you want to shop and there will be a ticket opened up for you.That’s  it! Seriously, this is the easiest earning ever!

On To The Next Money Maker!

This is yet another post about how to earn a little extra online. This one is a little different in that I will be telling you about a couple of mobile applications (apps). I have a Smartphone. Pre paid with unlimited web and text. I pay $25 a month for this plan. Yes, it’s a great deal! I was very fortunate to stumble onto it. Anyway, if you have read over the posts from the last week, you know that I am a huge fan of Swagbucks! If you haven’t joined yet, NOW is the time. You can get a jump start with 100 free Swagbucks when you sign up! You will need to enter HOLIDAY100s  in the “code” box upon sign up. Just copy and paste from this post! Go HERE to sign up! And remember to do those daily searches! You can win Swagbucks at least 3 times a day!

About the mobile apps! Swagbucks has a SBTV mobile! Go to your app store and type in SBTV. Simply download it and sign into the account you have already created and you can start watching and earning. You don’t really have to watch, just let it play. You can earn 50 Swagbucks a day with this app. That’s a long way toward your daily goal!

The second app I want to share with you is called AppTrailers. Very simple, very easy to earn. All you do is watch (you don”t really have to watch) game and movie trailers and earn points. After so many points, you cash out.  You will need to use the code swornivory0 in the referral box (the last character is zero, not the letter o)  when you sign up with Apptrailers. It is very easy and fairly quick to cash out. You can cash out with PayPal or Amazon on this one. Again, this really adds up over time. Consistency is the key in all these earning sites. You must do them every day, or at lease MOST days in order to maximize your earnings. You will figure out what works best for you. I have a routine I follow that has evolved over the last few months. I hope you have great luck with these apps!

Earning Opportunity Number 2

A few days ago, I promised to share my top 5 earning sites. You might have figured out that Swagbucks is my favorite. It is easy and it pays. No scams! I like that and it is one of my requirements before I will do anything to earn online. It must be proven, it must be easy and it must pay easily! Every opportunity I share with you is something I use myself, every day. Using these sites every day is a big key to earning. You must be consistent! If you are not, you won’t earn nearly as much! On Swagbucks, try your best to hit the goal they post every day. If you do that, you will insure yourself a large bonus on the 5th day of the next month. This month, my bonus was 412 Swagbucks (I hit goal 21 days straight). I cashed out again yesterday for another $25 Amazon Card! Yay! You can do it too! If you want to sign up for Swagbucks, go here. Let’s move on to my Number 2 site!

Surveys are plentiful online. You can find surveys about most anything! I have had surveys about everything from banking products to frozen ice cream novelties! I really enjoyed the ice cream survey! It came with products for me to sample and WOW! They were good! Yes, there are many survey sites that actually send you products to use and evaluate. I have had body wash several times, shampoo and conditioner at least once, Dolce & Gabbana perfume, disinfecting wipes, feminine wash cloths, Neutrogena skin care and on and on. The most expensive thing I have tested and evaluated is a Keurig Cappuccino maker with a milk frothing station. It is a $499 machine and it came with a 6 month supply of coffee pods! Yes, I have enjoyed the machine and best of all, I get to keep it! Surveys are repetitive and boring and you will not become a millionaire with them but you can earn some extra money and maybe get some free product to boot! There are a couple of sites I use. Today I want to tell you about Opinion Outpost. Below, you will see a screenshot of  the top page of my earnings statement. Please notice that there are 3 pages total.

opinion outpost


At Opinion Outpost you must have 50 points to cash out for $5 Amazon, 100 points to cash out for $10 PayPal. When you do cash out, your payment is immediately sent to your account (or to your e mail for Amazon Codes). This is one reason why I love this site! There are  not many sites that pay immediately. You can see form the shot above that I have earned very well with this site. They will e mail links to surveys to your e mail, but you can also log into the site and take surveys anytime you wish. There are times when you will be disqualified! Not to worry though, there are plenty of opportunities. If you would like to join me on Opinion Outpost, go here. Please let me know if you have any questions!

The Little Details No One Ever Tells You About Swagbucks

I have been sharing Swagbucks with you all for a few days now. I hope everyone is understanding a little bit and maybe even earning by now. PLEASE REMEMBER TO DO YOUR SEARCHES EVERYDAY! This is the easiest way to win Swagbucks! I know it seems slow at first and you think it will never pay off, but trust me, it pays off in big ways! When I started, I had no clue what I was doing. I sort of figured it out as I went along. Now though, I try to double the daily goal Swagbucks sets for me (and for everyone). It isn’t a requirement for you to meet this goal, but if you meet it for one week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or the whole month, you get a very nice bonus on the 5th day of the following month. If you meet goal for 21 days (as I did for the month of November) you will get a bonus equivalent to around 500 Swagbucks. If you were to do this every month, that would be around $75 Amazon or PayPal at the end of the year. Not too bad for never leaving the house! I know, some of you simply do not have the time to invest in this and I understand that. But, if you are a stay at home mom, a teenager who would like a little extra money or you are just looking for a way to have a savings account for Christmas, this is a great way to do those things.

There are some earning opportunities called “Special Offers” under the “Earn” tab on the Swagbucks homepage. If you click it, it will take you to a page that looks like this:

A special Offers Page



You will notice several tabs along the top of the page. On each of these tabs are offers you can complete to earn Swagbucks. Some are as simple as “liking” a Facebook page or watching a short video. Others involve signing up for newsletters etc. These offers are a GREAT way to earn quick Swagbucks! If you will follow the page found here you will get the heads up on offers that credit. The wall on this page uses abbreviations for the pages on the tabs in the screenshot above, they are as follows: TP=Trial Pay, R1= Radium 1, SR= Super Rewards etc.  I completed a couple of very simple offers this morning to (almost) complete my daily goal. (I’m at 101/110). You might get some spam mail from these offers, but you can unsubscribe anytime. I have never had any virus or malicious software from Swagbucks. Very simple, easy site to earn a few extra bucks. I have gotten my Kindle Fire and completed Christmas shopping for my boys with the help of Swagbucks. All with NO MONEY out of my pocket! I’m pretty excited about that! You can make it work for you too! If you want to get started today, go here.  And remember, DO YOUR SEARCHES EVERYDAY!! You can win 3 times a day! Random words or phrases are all you need to enter to search! Now GO 🙂

Come On In and Let Me Teach Ya About Swagbucks

Yesterday, I told you all about one very cool site I use to earn money. Swagbucks is the best and easiest to earn on FOR ME. You might very well find one you like better. Today, I want to teach you a little more about Swagbucks. If you have already joined, you can get started right away! First, you can use the search and win to get Swagbucks. Below is the screenshot of my latest search win.

Swagbucks search win

You will see here that I won 9 Swagbucks. I have won all the way from 6 to 111 Swagbucks with searches! Fridays are Mega Swag Bucks Days and searches pay more on those days! I simply search random phrases if I am not searching for something particular. I believe it was “happy December” this time. You can usually win Swagbucks with searches 3 times a day with about 6 or so hours in between. It will pop up all by itself and sometimes you will need to enter a “captcha” to claim Swagbucks. I did not have to do that with this win. It was automatically added to my account. There are many ways to earn. To see all these ways, go to the top of the Swagbucks Homepage and click on the “Earn” button. The drop down menu will show you all the ways to earn. One thing you should definitely do is “like” the Swagbucks Facebook page here. One other page that will help you out a TON is here. Watch these 2 pages daily to maximize earnings. One very popular way to earn is with “Swag Codes”. These are random phrases that you copy and paste and enter into the “gimme” box on the Swagbucks homepage. You will know there is a code out by checking the 2 pages I told you about. Sometimes they are posted on Twitter. Sometimes on the Swagbucks blog. Rest assured, if you know how to copy and paste, you will get the points for the codes! They do have time limits though. Usually between 2 and 3 hours. Plenty of time to get them entered. If you are a fan of Thrifty Shoppers, I will post when and where to find codes when they come out. One more way to earn is with special offers. These are found by clicking on “Special Offers” on the drop down menu under “Earn”. There are many many offers to choose from with a good number of them being free. Sometimes it’s as simple as watching a video. You MUST watch the entire video and stay on the page while you watch (or get up and do something while it plays :-). YOU CAN NOT OPEN ANOTHER TAB AND STILL EARN CREDIT FOR THE VIDEO! There are many other offers to complete. They are simple and generally only require an e mail address. It is a good idea to have an e mail specifically for these offers to be sent to. Generally, it is junk, but you can unsubscribe. Easy!

The last way to earn that I will share with you today is Swagbucks TV. You will find it on the “Earn” tab in the drop down menu. Once you click it, it will take you to a video page. One these videos, you DO NOT have to stay on the page. You can open a different tab and go about your business. You only need to let the advertisement and about 20-30 seconds of video play and then you can click the next video. You will have a meter at the top and when it gets full, you will earn 3 Swagbucks. Doesn’t seem like much, but if you are already online, you might as well be earning! Finally, if you have a smartphone with Android or an IPhone you can download an app for Swagbucks TV Mobile. You can let this run until you earn 50 Swagbucks everyday. Easy! That’s all I have for today. If you have not joined yet and would like to start earning, please go here. Get signed up and confirm your e mail and you are on your way! Happy Swaggin!

Getting Christmas Gifts (and other cool stuff) For Free

When I first started following what’s known as “Bargain Blogs”, I really was VERY skeptical about what they were trying to get me to believe. They would put up pictures of all these great things they had gotten for “free”, or as samples. I would look at these pictures and just shake my head in disbelief. Honestly, I DID NOT believe what they were saying! After all, it is the internet! Joe Blow from Kokomo can download a picture and post it! After looking and looking at so much, I finally decided to give it a try. I’m a stay at home mom so I do have a little extra time. I figured if I could get some good coupons to go with a price match I’d be ahead. As it turns out, there are way more opportunities than just some simple coupons! Not to say I haven’t gotten some good ones mind you! Just today, I had $1.50 off Kelloggs Pop Tarts. So happens that they are on price match this week for $1.66, so yeah. I got them for .16 a box.(Side note: Pop Tarts may not be a huge deal at your house, and yes, I do know the nutritional content of them. But, they are the snack of choice for a certain GROWN man who lives with me 🙂 But, I digress. I started really watching what people were talking about and I found some common threads. There are 2 things you MUST must must do before you will start seeing good returns on your invested time.

1. You MUST open a PayPal account. Very simple, very free. Takes 5 minutes. I have used my account extensively and have never had any issue at all.

2. You MUST open an Amazon account. . Very simple, very free. Takes 5 minutes and sooooo worth it! Amazon is the greatest place on earth! It IS NOT an auction site like Ebay. You purchase new items (or digital content i.e. music and books and movies you can watch right on your computer!). And the selection! Well, the selection is everything from peanut butter to diamond necklaces. Free shipping on orders over $25. But this isn’t about Amazon, so we must move forward.


After I did these 2 very important things, I joined Swagbucks. Frankly, for the investment of about 20 minutes a day, it is the best thing I have ever found. I use it as a search engine instead of Google or Yahoo. It doesn’t freak you computer out or anything like that. It is just a website. you can complete free offers for rewards that range anywhere from 1 Swagbuck to thousands. Eventually, these Swagbucks add up. It takes 450 Swagbucks to cash out for $5 Amazon. Now, I know that doesn’t sound like much, but what if you cashed out 3 times a week? You would have $780 around Christmas time. In my house $780= very nice Christmas! But you don’t have to use it just for Christmas, that was only my goal. I won’t lie, you will invest a certain amount of time. I probably invest 20 minutes a day.

use on blog


Above, you see a screen shot I literally just took. This is all the gift cards I could fit on one page. There are approximately 20 more below this. You will notice there are many $5 gift cards, but also some higher amounts. Hey, it all adds up! And the best part? It’s all FREE! If you are a stay at home mom or a teenager who would like some extras, this is great for you. You can also cash out to PayPal in various amounts. I prefer Amazon gift cards because I’m more likely to save them. If you would like to sign up to Swagbucks or just check it out a little more, go here. If you join today, enter NOVEMBERSB at registration to receive 80 bonus Swagbucks! ONLY GOOD THROUGH NOVEMBER ! Check it out today and start earning! This is just one way I earn, but I earn very well with this one! Tomorrow, I will tell you about another and show you the proof!

Another Great Way To Earn….WHILE YOU SHOP!

Hey Shoppers! If you plan on doing ANY shopping online this holiday season, do yourself a HUHYOOOOGE favor and sign up with Ebates! It’s the best, easiest way to earn a little cash in return! That’s right, CASH BACK! They have all the best and most popular stores and hey, if you’re going to shop there anyway you might as well let them give you some money or gift cards in return! Some stores offer a very high percentage in return this time of the year! And the best news?? THEY NOW OFFER REBATES ON AMAZON.COM! I was so excited to see it! This is where I do 90% of my Christmas shopping! You should check it out! Please click through this link to go to Ebates ——>

Want to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards???

I found a great new site for earning Amazon Cards! This is how I earn for Christmas! Honestly, I love this site! Its so easy!

where to get amazon gift card

Heroes Don’t Always Have Capes

Heroes Don’t Always Have Capes

Yesterday was a good day for me. I learned something that will be with me forever. I’ve only been a mom for 10 years. I certainly don’t have this parenting thing figured out! Every once in awhile something happens and it makes me realize just how powerless I am. That sometimes it takes Divine intervention to make an impact. It was really just an ordinary day. My 8 year old was with his Nanny, so my 10 year old took me out for lunch. Of course. it had to be McDonalds. I’m not terribly fond of McDonalds, but yesterday, it was home to a hero. The man I call a hero doesn’t have any idea the impact he made on a little 10 year old boy. He was just eating lunch. It was what he did before he ate that made a lasting impression. He bowed his head, and he thanked his God for the food he was about to eat. It’s a very simple thing, almost basic. At least it is in my house. My son has participated in hundreds, if not thousands, of meal time prayers. It’s nothing new to him. But the fact that this man, this stranger, would actually bow his head, show his faith to the world, was awesome to my son. He leaned over to me and said, “Momma, that man is a Christian and he prays. That’s awesome. We aren’t alone.” I could have told him this a thousand times, showed him a thousand examples and it would not have had the impact that this one experience had. The man will never know the impression that he and his small act of gratitude left on my child. And he didn’t even have a cape.

P.s. I know this is a blog about how to save money. I’ll catch up later.

The Cheapest Part of Waking Up

There are few things in this life that I’m very serious about. I can count them on one hand.
1. Following Christ
2. Being a wife
3. Being a Mom
4. Being a good friend and…
5. Coffee
That’s right, coffee. It’s a very necessary part of my daily routine. And by necessary, I mean essential for the protection of the innocent. If I could, I would drink it all day long. Coffee is one of the things that I watch for in the weekly grocery sales. I’ll just be very forward and let you know that I get excited by a good coffee sale! Hey, I’m a mom, I’m over 40. I have rights. I really do stock up when I get the chance. I prefer Folgers .After all, it is the best part of waking up! So, when Folgers is on sale, I make sure I’m there.A few weeks ago, it was on sale for $7.99! For the BIG CAN! That’s virtually unheard of! I stocked up because I also had a coupon to go along with the sale. I love it when that happens. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your morning cuppa!